WalT - Wireless Testbed

Hardware checklist

Here is the list of hardware you will need to setup a WalT platform. The diagram will tell you more about each of these components.

The length of cables will depend on the kind of deployment planned (mobile, small scale platform or large scale one). If you plan to deploy in a building, you could reuse any existing ethernet cabling.

Check-out the interactive platform diagram for details.

Server setup

The WalT server installation is automated thanks to a USB flash device image.

You just have to download and uncompress the latest archive. You will get this USB image and a README.txt file describing how to proceed.

This short video illustrates such a server setup (note that the installation procedure slightly changed since this video was recorded).

Node setup

In order to setup a WalT node, you just need:

Clients setup

For now only Linux and Mac OS X clients have been tested. It might be possible to run it under Windows, using cygwin's python package, but we did not test this yet (see notes below for an alternate solution).

To install, run:

 $ pip install walt-client

The first time you run the walt command, the hostname or IP of the server will be requested.